mardi 20 janvier 2009

Web 3.0: When applications will talk to each other?

Recently I came across a series of articles talking about a general dashboard that would manage all the website and services that we all subscribe too. Indeed, just like Irwin Lazar I’m experiencing the pain of having to log in, log out, copy, paste, relog, recopy, change status, go to the mailbox, open a new tab, go to the first tab, open twitter, check out status, open another new tab, re-re-re log in, check out asw, publish post, copy, publish again, AAARRGGG!

It never stops.

And I’m surely and not slowly loosing time.

Yes, today it is possible for me to save some time on reading by gathering all feeds in a single place (a big thanks to NetNewsWire and their smartboxes!) but when it comes to replying there is no solution. It is still a nightmare!

Marshall Kirkpatrick was talking about Marc Canter’s DiSO dashboard that would centralize all those applications and allow us to perform the same action in multiple websites at once (updating status, publishing article, updating personal info...).

I would not call this a dream like some others commented it because I think that it is pretty realistic. It supposes though that applications would have a common language they would use to talk to each other and share information. And this is what would be exciting. Easy integration, simple aggregation. New business models will certainly emerge out of this and maybe a differentiation between the companies specialized in dashboards and the one specialized in vertical applications. CNN and Facebook made a first step towards this kind of interaction. What about others?

Web 3.0: When Applications Will Share?

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