mardi 18 mai 2010

Share With Care On Hubticle

How can we get what we want?

Hubticle is trying to solve this very simple problem.

With the web 1.0 we had the power to communicate.

Web 2.0 gave us the power to broadcast.

But now, as everyone can broadcast the Web is becoming a big noise.

We get hundreds of emails, notifications, pings, rss feeds each month that we don't want to read. Some people on networks that we thought they would be interesting turn to be our number one source of spams. We all wish we'd get only relevant things in our mailbox

This is what Hubticle is about.

First, not everyone is equal to you.

Hubticle gives you the possibility to specify how interesting the members are for you. Using that information the platform will notify you only when the people valuable for you are posting something on the network.

Secondly, not everything is equal for them

When they post a link on Hubticle your connections have to tell how much relevant the link is for them. That way we know even more accurately what post should have a value for you and what you would probably never want to see.

Thirdly, we let you tell us what is your relevance degree

It's up to you to literally adjust the cursor on how interesting you would like your notifications.

And there's the formula

Importance of people x Relevance of a link for those people = Relevance for you

This is how we achieve to provide a platorm for people who want to share with care.

Please go try Hubticle, that'll make me happy :)

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