mardi 31 mars 2009

Please, Forget About Enterprise 2.0

More and more I see questions like "What is E2.0 ROI?", "Why is E2.0 not adopted yet?", "How can I get E2.0 in my company?".

I think that there is no answer to those questions.

If you think about Web 2.0 for instance, it is including a lot of different things: blogs, wikis, social networks, content sharing, questions answering, social bookmarking, document editing... And for each of those functions you have specialists (Typepad, Google, Twitter, Facebook...) and different measures used to assess performance and success. We realized that we can't use the same terms and definitions for all the actors of Web 2.0.

So why are we trying to do this with Enterprise 2.0?

If we were not trying to persuade large companies to adopt new working methodology by using a term that they never heard about (few CEOs of the Fortunes 500 care about it...) and if we were using a language closer to their reality we would be more likely to see success.

Don't sell the trend, sell the benefits relative to the business of the company.

I believe that changing flows of information can lead to huge benefits to Enterprise, I believe that giving the possibility to create worldwide business intelligence communities will create new leaders, I believe that bringing more collaboration into the Enterprise is the future and that it will definitely change the way we are working.

But I don't believe that over-using the word Enterprise 2.0 will lead anywhere.

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