jeudi 2 avril 2009

Collaboration is not intuitive in enterprises.

I've been defending that often lately in various conversations.

People do not take a job because they want to work with the community of the enteprise (I use the word community because it avoids confusion). Here are different reasons (not exhaustive) why I could take a job in large corporation:
  • The reputation of the company.
  • The job description.
  • The salary.
  • I need a job, whatever it is.
You may know who you will work for (the guy who hired you, the CEO that is on TV, the head of marketing that was in the last magazine...) but in most cases you do not know who you are going to work with.

And this where problems are starting. You are being told to work with people that you do not necessary like. Larry might be a total jerk, you still have to send him the report. Now.

Collaboration is not natural in enterprise, and one of the first task of people working in E2.0 is to understand that they will have to change that. E2.0 does not start with technology.

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